To a small rural village, Detective BAEK is called to investigate a series of crimes. Sooni, a seemingly meek and innocent girl, is the prime suspect! As her stories reveal, grown-ups’ behaviors get crazier...
In a daytime, Ga-young barges in to her ex boyfriend Jeong-hoon’s place. All of a sudden she says, “Let's have sex.” Is Ga-young able to do what she wants to do today?...
The government officials of Jeju island launches a project to promote Sea women culture of Jeju. Youngju, a former synchronized swimming champion is brought to train a group of sea women...
In a big city of Busan, twin brothers were left in the orphanage. Taeju, the older brother, becomes a cop and Taesung, the younger one, becomes a hotshot in local gang. Their ironic fate leads to love the same girl, Chanmi...


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A Night To Regret

Cast: Marguerite Moreau and Mollee Gray Director: Tom Shell

Prodution year: 2018

Chelsea Bilson is a pre-law college student and aspiring filmmaker who makes a careless choice one night that will attact the attention of a dangerous stalker. When she goes missing, her mother and friends band together to do everything in their power to bring her home.


A Wedding To Die For

Cast: Christa B. Allen, Danielle C Ryan, Jacob Young

Director: Tom Shell

ELLA (Christa B. Allen) and TOLAN (Jacob Young) have been líving together for one year and while they seem to be the perfect couple, Ella’s sister, Lydia (Danielle C. Ryan), knows Tolan is a controlling obsessed man and Ella lives her life under his constant watch.That is why Lydia cannot understand how Ella is willing to marry Tolan.


Famous And Fatal

Cast: Sara Roemer, Jon Prescott

Director: Daniel Ringey

Synopsis: Part-time teacher, CASEY WRIGHT (Sarah Roemer) works at a prestigious academy where celebrity heart throb SAM AUSTIN’s son, JACK, attends school. Sam Austin (Jon Prescott) has been a recluse for months, ever since his wife NAOMI (Kate Watson) was murdered.


Death Club

Director: Wu Chengfeng


Genre: Action / 90 min. / 2022


[Synopsis] A series of murdering arose in SuZhou village, and the civilians only could see the white skeleton soldiers left at the scenes. Di, RenJie is the most well-known detective during that time, so he gets into the investigations digging out the truth for justice.



Director: Brad Bischoff

Cast: Saleh Bakri, Iva Gocheva, Frank V. Ross, Janet Ulrich Brooks

Genre: Drama / 2021 / Color / HD / Stereo / 1h  20min. / United States

[Synopsis] Star-crossed immigrant lovers roam their gated community drink-by-drink in search of the perfect house.



United State┃2021┃Thriller,Horror

DIRECTOR: Jacob Johnston

Synopsis:The film centers on two estranged sisters who, along with their friends, become entrenched in a 48 hour whirlwind of violence after a traumatic experience at an underground music festival.


Ba Ni

Nigeria┃202, Drama┃

DIRECTOR: Daniel Ehimen

Sinopsis: A teenage beggar must defy an age-long myth to regain her freedom.


The Thunder

2018┃Animations┃Color┃25min, Series


Thunder a young cheetah boy lives with his rabbit friend Tondak, and his major enemy, Siah a black wolf in a vast plain.
He knows nothing about his family until one day he gets familiar with an old thurtle, Lucky who says heknows his family are alive and live in a far palce.



Brothers in Heaven

Korea | 2017 | Drama | Color | 117min


CAST Hoon SUNG, Han-sun JO

In a big city of Busan, twin brothers were left in the orphanage. Taeju, the older brother, becomes a cop and Taesung, the younger one, becomes a hotshot in local gang. Their ironic fate leads to love the same girl, Chanmi. As the feud between two rival gangs incline, brothers are forced to face the truth about the traumatic incident which caused them to drift apart.



Georgia | 2019 | Drama, War | Color |

DIRECTOR: Dito Tsintsadze

A story of the film is based on real events that occurred during the Russian military intervention in Georgia in 2008. Shindisi is a name of the place where Russian occupation forces sieged Georgian military after peace corridor was promised, this is when ordinary villagers took risks to save wounded Georgian soldiers.

The Entity

Philippines | 2019 | Horror | Color |



(Honor Thy Father(2015) / 2015 Toronto Film Festival , On the Job (2013) / 2013 Cannes Director’s Fortnight)

CAST Sharon Cuneta, John Arcilla

A college student rushes back to the home when hears that his twin sister has died. But when he finds himself being violently haunted, he starts to investigate the true nature of his sister’s death.



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