Without the shadow of a doubt, Budapest is Europe’s Hollywood, the number of films being shot in this beautiful city increases by the day. Not to mention the most amazing film sets locations in this city and u to wonder why most films are shot here. Let’s look at what makes Budapestunique.



The river Danube and the chain bridge which is most probably the most famous landmark. Films shot here are:
An American Rhapsody featuring Scarlett Johansson
An episode of NBC series Royal Pains.

Buda Castle which has beautiful terraces and balconies overlooking the city, I must confess its breathtaking:
Scenes from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie Red Heat were shot here.
An episode from the NBC series Royal Pains was shot in the castle.

Buda Castle Tunnel which appeared in: The comedy spy movie whereby Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilsonfilmed the movie hanging from it.

Hubner apartments which inherited its name from a wealthy building contractor called Nandor Hubner, it appeared in: Scenes from escape to victory starring Sylvester Stallone.

Museum of Fine Arts which was built in a neo-renaissance and neo-classical style in 1906 -now we can just imagine how breathtaking it is-, its featured in:
Scenes of the movie Die Hard featuring Bruce Willis.

Palace of Justice which was built on the investments of the 1000th birthday of Hungary in 1896 to the Ministry of Justice, it has featured in:

The Raven
Atomic Blonde

These are just a few of the best film sites in Budapest.


Uránia cinema which is a masterpiece I would say it looks more like jewelry. The main screening room resembles an opera house where a couple of films are projected here some are in English others have subtitles.

Puskin cinema it is undebatable that it’s the biggest cinema in Europe, with an antique look in its interior. This is just an amazing site to see.

Művész cinema is the leading cinema in screening both local and international films and hosting international film festivals. The rooms are named after famous directors and cinematics.

Cirkó Gejzír cinema. it’s said to be the smallest cinema in Europe it’s most loved for its diversity in the films. They screen there from local to international films, its super cozy too, I would suggest u try it out.

Corvin Cinema. This is the home of blockbusters I mean all blockbusters. The cinema is housed in an old building with state of the art decor and amazing screening and sound systems. This is just more than a cinema to the filmgoers before the film begins. They offer all kinds of sugar-free drinks, cupcakes, pastries, smoothies, and breakfast they also offer a vegan diet.

Toldi cinema. If u like sipping on a nice glass of wine while watching a movie then I suggest u try out this cinema. If u are a fan of electronic music this is the place for you.


Famous films shot in Budapest

I Spy. This is an American comedy film directed by Betty Thomas and features Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson who are after an arms dealer in order to stop him from selling the invisible fighter jet. These scenes were shot on the chain bridge and Buda Castle.

Munich. A film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is about a secret Israeli operation to kill the people involved in assassinating Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

Evita. The film features Madonna as the Argentinian first lady, the twist is that Budapest is transformed into Buenos Aires the capital city of Argentina, it’s an amazing film.

An American Rhapsody. this film features Scarlett Johansson who plays a young girl who faces a lot of challenges when her family takes her to the USA from Hungary.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This film is based on a novel by John Le Carré, the plot revolves around an espionage veteran George who is after uncovering a soviet union.

There’s a ton of films shot in Budapest you can enjoy checking them out here they are: Mission impossible: Ghost protocol, 47 Ronin, Sunshine, Monte Carlo, Hell boy: The Golden Army, Underworld to name but a few.

Film festivals in Budapest

Film BUSHO Festival: This is sort of Budapest short films festival. It was established in 2004, it gained momentum the following year. Within a very short time, the festival gained international recognition. They have a lot of festival screening, exhibitions, conferences, art workshops and selections of film academy. The organizers are a non-governmentalorganization, the partnership between this non-governmental organization and the film industry is important in the growth and development of this art.

Grand Budapest Film Festival: this is a two-day annual event that is mainly dedicated to independent filmmakers. It also provides a platform for the filmmakers who not only have a vision but also who have a low budget, that will have their films showcased to fellow filmmakers and to the rest of the world. There are a number of awards normally handled in different categories as selected by the jury.

Titanic International Film Fest: one of the most popular events in films and it was the 25th time it took place this year. The most unique thing about this festival is that it features films that have not yet been distributed in Hungary.

French Film Festival Budapest: this event was put together with an aim to help Hungarian distributorsto distribute French films. This event was put together by Unifrance with support from the French Embassy in Hungary.

This is just but a few of the many festivals held in Budapest.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Budapest has taken over in terms of film and the whole film industry. In the near future all eyes will be on Budapest, the creativity in this place is just over the roof. It’s a beehive of activities throughout the year in the film industry here. If I was Hollywood I would definitely watch out all eyes are on Budapest.


Well, this year’s Cannes festival, in general, is one to watch out for with the best of the best films n directors on the line up we should expect nothing but an amazing experience with a variety of everything to do with films and the film industry.

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