The American Film Market is, without a doubt, the largest film business event in the world. It is the most visited film trade expo. It mainly focuses on the premier business of making and screening of films. Participants come from all over the world, and they include distributors, agents, the press, financiers, directors, writers, film commissioners, producers and all service providers in the industry. The AFMwill be an eight-day event held from October 31st to November 7th in Santa Monica, with over 7000 attendees this is the most coveted market. Interestingly the market will also have seminars to showcase the new technological ways of filmmaking.

The AFM consists of

The Market: this is the most essential part of the whole event. A lot of distribution, sales and production companies have offices where they meet with national buyers from over 80 countries to sell and buy the films.

Conferences: this gives the attendees a chance to hear from the industry experts and decision makers.

Screenings: over 300 films are screened in 29 theatres in the first six days.

Location Expo: government agencies and film commissions from all over the world attend this expo.

Roundtables: this is an intimate setting where open-endeddiscussions are held on unique topics.

Writer’s workshop: during this workshop, the participants learn how to create their screenplays into the screen and global worthy content.

Networking receptions: this is for those in production to interact and network.

These are just some of the events happening at the AFM.

The AFM also offers the following services

Film maker’s lounge: This lounge is located at the lobby of Le Marriott hotel which provides a larger workspace for the participants.

The film catalog: this contains thousands of projects and films available from sales companies.

Buyers lounge: this lounge is exclusively for buyers and members of IFTA, it will be located on the 5th floor of Loews hotel.

AFM screening on demand: this is a service where producers and sales companies can screen their films privately for buyers before, during and after the market.

My AFM: This is an online platform where the attendees can search and set up meetings with each other.

Carousel Cocktails: This is a four-evening event for all the decision makers and producers, it will be located at the Santa Monica Pier’s merry go round.

Things to do in Santa Monica

Of course the AFM is the busiest market all year, but as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After the market or a long day, you may want to look around at some of the breathtaking and iconic sites in Santa Monica.

Things to do in Santa Monica

Of course the AFM is the busiest market all year, but as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After the market or a long day, you may want to look around at some of the breathtaking and iconic sites in Santa Monica.

SANTA MONICA PIER: This is one of the most iconic places it is a double jointed pier that’s considered a landmark by most visitors. It has also featured in a lot of films including the Sting, Dark Ride, Hancock, Forest Gump, Bean, Iron man and many more. And now to the fun part the PACIFIC PARK which is a family amusement park facing the Pacific Ocean. There are 12 rides in the park this includes the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel; it also has a roller coaster that circles the entire park which is also very famous as it has featured in over 500 films and a couple of TV shows including Hannah Montana, Bean and Fat Albert. Now after a fantastic couple of rides at the park one can cross over to the SANTA MONICA PIER AQUARIUM and there you can get blown away by the amazingly beautiful sea creatures and learn a little about marine life because the aquarium is also an educational centre that attracts over 65000 visitors annually from all over the globe.

SANTA MONICA STATE BEACH: this is where the famous Baywatch was filmed, it is an absolutely beautiful beach. Here you can enjoy some volleyball, a picnic, surfing, stand up paddle boarding or a swim it all depends on your preference.

THIRD STREET PROMENADE: This is the premier diningand shopping area, and it’s a favourite of many tourists. So you can indulge in some shopping, dining and entertainment at the third street promenade located in downtown Santa Monica also enjoy watching street performers they always make the evenings live.

MUSCLE BEACH: For the fitness enthusiasts you will find this place amazing and perhaps lift some weight. This is the home of physical fitness which started in the 20th century. It has provided a workout area for the A-list bodybuilders like Joe Gold and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

SANTA MONICA’S FARMERS MARKET: As you dine and wine at the local restaurant and you’re wondering where the fresh vegetables are from, well let us save you the process. It’s all from the farmers market that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.

MUSEUM OF FLYING: if you are an aviation enthusiast then take advantage and visit this place, which is a museum dedicated to the history of flying. We are sure you will love the preserved flyable planes there.

AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE AT THE AERO THEATRE: For the lovers of classical theatre this is for you, this theatre is well known for screening classic films and the independent contemporary cinema. This is a must see especially for us in the film industry.

THE ROUT 66: This is a sign at the end of Santa Monica pier, it signifies that the road ended when the sea stood still. This is a landmark you can’t miss out on. The rout is also a very famous film location and some of the films shot here are: Easy Rider, the Grapes of Wrath, Thelma and Louise, Baghdad Café, Cars, Paris Texas, Little Miss Sunshine and Rout 66.

It’s an amazing place to be, an all in one venue for both film business and a mini getaway. The more reason to attend the AFM it’s every film steak holders and players go to market in the whole film industry, so you can be sure almost all the industry players will be in attendance including A-list actors and actresses.

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